Mike Charnoff  
  MikeCharnoff Graduation Year: 1995
  Major: Sociology
  Hometown: Springfield, VA
  Activities: Soccer and Radio
  Current Profession: Lawyer
Interview (Video)
Coming to MWC (0:43), Picking A Major(1:33), On "The Bullet"(2:11), Living Off Campus(1:19), Living In Marshall Hall(0:45), On Freshman Dorm Life(3:40), On The Name Change(1:31), "The Great Debate"(2:28), Campus Politics(2:18), Campus Food(0:48), National Headlines(0:56), Campus Mischief(2:31), Life Off Campus(3:14), Getting Wired(2:11), MWC Radio(1:42), Intramural Soccer(1:07)