Pamela J. White
  Graduation Year: 1974
  Major: Political Science
  Hometown: Basking Ridge, NJ
  Current Profession: Judge

 “You were in college, you were young you were free....”

Interview (Video)
Tribute to Mary Katie Hayes(2:27), The Beauty of the Campus(1:05), The Future of the Campus(2:46), Name Change to MWC(1:08), Name Change to UMW(1:08), About the Food(1:05), Women in Leadership Positions(3:07), Presidents Woodard and Simpson(2:05), Best Academic Lessons(0:41), A Great Value(0:49), Fairfax House(1:30), Men on Main Campus(1:43), Right to Vote and Drink(0:34), On Peace with Honor(1:07)