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Chew House

Chew House

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Chew House


1202 Prince Edward was constructed by 1796 and in 1860 the census data name the Chew Family abd Elizabeth French as the inhabitants. John J. Crew was head of household and listed as "clerk."
Prewar Description: "Two Stories tall and built of wood. 11 Slave quarters were situated nearby.
General Wartime Significance: The damage inflicted upon the Chew house and its contents in December 1862 was a vivid example of the results of the bombardment and pillaging of Fredericksburg by Union troops. They were able to petition for a portion of the funds donated "for the Fredericksburg sufferers" by Confederate soliers and Southern civilians."

"Between 1895 and 1916, it housed two Presbyterian educational institutions: the Assembly Home and School, founded to care for the families of deceased ministers, and the Fredericksburg College. The building was substantially enlarged during this period. Between c. 1965 and c. 1978, it housed Stoner's Store, a privately-operated history museum. It is now a private residence."

Harrison, Noel G. Fredericksburg Civil War Sites: Volume Two, December 1862-April 1865. Lynchburg, VA: H.E. Howard, 1995. pages 39-42


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