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The Presbyterian Church

The Presbyterian Church

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  • The Presbyterian Church

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The Presbyterian Church


On Princess Anne and George Streets, this church was built in 1833.

"The church decided to acquire new land and build a larger house of worship that would be better suited to its size. Land at the corner of Princess Anne St. and George St. was donated by Mrs. Robert Patton, daughter of Revolutionary War hero General Hugh Mercer. The name of the architect has been lost to history. It is believed that the architect was one of Thomas Jefferson’s architects, because the new Sanctuary was based on Jefferson’s plan for Christ Church in Charlottesville, Virginia. The new building is an exceptional example of Jeffersonian Reformed Revival Architecture, and was the first public building in Fredericksburg erected in temple form.

By the summer of 1862, most of the congregation’s men had left to serve with the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. One Union soldier recalls that only 9 older men and about 200 women remained in the congregation.

In early December, Gen. Robert E. Lee met with Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson on the grounds of the Presbyterian Church to plan the Confederate Army’s strategy for the upcoming battle.

Both Clara Barton and Walt Whitman were present in the church when it was being used as a hospital."

The Presbyterian Church of Fredericksburg, Virginia: http://fredericksburgpc.org/about-us/our-history


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