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Expert Tips To Write An Essay On Water Pollution

Water degradation occurs because of the bodies of water like lakes, rivers, oceans, seas, and groundwater as well. It happens when other waste such as domestic and industrial gets into the water and pollutes it. 


The world has reached an alarming situation because of water pollution. As water is not sufficient and the remaining water is polluted and can not be utilized for drinking. The water in the seas and oceans is also dangerous for sea animals. 


Because of the worst situation of water, this issue has become an emerging topic for academic writing, research, reports, debates, and so on. If you’re thinking about how can I write my essay on water pollution then stop worrying and just get help from an expert essay writer and also follow these steps:




Start your essay with a proper definition or introduction of the topic so that your audience will understand the topic in-depth. For example, the topic is “causes of water pollution”. Now write the exact definition of water pollution. 


Water is the most basic need of humans. And we all know that freshwater is not enough to serve all the humans that exist on the earth. 


Body Paragraphs


A strong body paragraph of the write my essay contains the following elements.


  • A topic
  • Explanation of the topic
  • Introduction to the causes and effects
  • Tell the audience why you’ve selected this topic 
  • Show what aspects will you cover. 


Body Paragraphs depends on different paragraphs explaining your thesis. Writing and assembling good body paragraphs of any essay is considered as one of the most important features of essay writing service


Explain The Cause Of Water Pollution


After explaining water pollution, your next step should be covering the causes of water pollution. Also, elaborate on how it occurs from different sources such as:


  • Sewage And Drainage
  • Factory Waste
  • Excavation
  • Marine Scrap
  • Oil Discharge
  • Flaring Fossil Fuels
  • Enzymatic Fertilizers And Defoliants
  • Disclose From Sewer Lines
  • Nuclear Reaction
  • Global Heating
  • Metropolitan Development
  • Animal Throw Away
  • Below Ground Storage Leakage  


Types Of Water Pollution


As there are many sources of water and so it has various types as well.


  1. Ground Water Contamination
  2. Mineral Water Body Pollution
  3. Oxygen Reduction
  4. Microbiological Water Adulteration
  5. Suspended Matter
  6. Synthetic Water Impurity
  7. Oil Discharge
  8. Soil Contamination


Effects Of Water Pollution


While writing an essay, you must mention the effects of water pollution. It will help the readers to understand the need for why you’re covering this issue. Effects of something will tell you the alarming situation that you might face or will face in the future along with the measures to tackle the issue. 


Water pollution is really dangerous for animals, humans, and marine life. It has fatal effects, that depend on the type of chemical and applications of contaminants in the water. 


Here are some of the most prominent effects of water pollution.


Affecting Marine Life


Water pollution has disastrous effects on animals that live in water whether its ocean, river, lake, etc. Water pollutants act as a poison for marine life. 


Interference In Food-Chains


Pollution interrupts food-chain as small animals ingest pollutants. After that, they become a portion of food to small fishes which later, consumed by large fishes. In the end, humans eat those fishes. 




Water pollution causes too many serious diseases when it contains humans, animals, and industrial wastes. Contaminated water either for drinking and using for any purpose cause diseases. It includes cholera, hepatitis, typhoid, giardia, and other stomach and skin problems. A number of people die every year due to contaminated water.  


Demolition Of Ecosystems


Living organisms that share the same place and environment depend on each other and can be critically affected by water pollution. 




While writing the conclusion you should restate the main topic and the conclusion of your main points. If you’re thinking about how can I write my essay on water pollution then stop worrying and just follow these steps to structure your college essay.  Give specific examples to further elaborate on why you’ve picked this topic and why it is important. Sum up your main points and give your feedback that should leave an enduring impression. 


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