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Contribution of Sociology and Sociologists to the Society

Sociology is the scientific study of human relationships. It can also be called scientific study of the society. Sociologists have played an important part in realizing social facts. This century can be termed as phase of development of sociology. It is rightly, accepted by many that sociology is the key to study present situations. Read more about sociology and development made by sociologists in the article given below.

Man is a social animal. Since the human beings are found on this planet, they are interacting with their kinds and living with them in social groups called societies. With the emergence of sociology, the study of societies and the behaviour of human beings, the study has become more scientific. It basically studies society and social relationships. Sociology is a full-fledged subject taught in the first year of every degree course. But, as we know, a non-humanities background student cannot understand the depth of this subject and thus, will require Sociology Assignment Help. BookMyEssay, academic writers, provide the best assignment service at affordable rates.

The study of society or Sociology is essentially analytical in nature. It is basically social science that reads societies, pattern of relationship in societies, behaviour of human beings in the society, interactions between human being and cultural aspects of everyday life. In the older times, societies were studied on the basis of religion, law, sexuality, religion, gender, social class. But as the subject evolved, it was understood that all the human activities are affected by social structure and norms and the individuality of humans. Thus, the topic sociology broadened it's horizons to include subjects like education, health, economy, medicine, social capital etc.

Effect of Social Research

The researches done in the field of sociology have far-fetched effect on policy makers, planners, administrators, educators, social workers, NPO etc.  It also effects individuals who want to bring about changes by resolving social issues in general. Social Research works in parallel with market research, statistical fields etc. Students who are involved in social research for dissertation, thesis or assignments have to work on all fields simultaneously to get the best analysis. Students can get support in writing sociology assignment help from academic writers- BookMyEssay. They provide Free Plagiarism Free Report at affordable costs.

Sociologists in Action

The Sociology has developed so much due to the contribution of Sociologists to the study of it. Let us look at some of the sociologists and the just of their study.



Time Period

School of Thought


Augusta Comte

1798 to 1857



Émile Durkheim

1858 to 1917

Solidarism and structural functionalism


Karl Marx

1818 to 1883

Socialism and conflict theory


Herbert Spencer

1820 to 1903

Social Darwinism


Georg Simmel

1858 to 1918



Thorstien Veblen

1857 to 1929



Max Weber

1864 to 1920



Harold Garfinkel

1917 to 2011




Sociologists taught us that sociology shapes our society and helps us make progress in all the fields. Sociology does the following for the society:

·.It studies society in a scientific manner

· It highlights the social nature of man

·It studies the role of institutions in the growth of individuals

·It very important to understand and plan the society

·It helps solve a lot of social problems

·It highlights the intrinsic worth of a man

·It helped us see or observe crimes in a different light.

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