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How easy and simple is it to bypass anti-plagiarism and increase the uniqueness of your work?

A little about the uniqueness of the text and "Antiplagiat"

Let's be honest with each other, not all students have a great desire to write the same term paper and even more so the thesis on their own. It is much easier to find ready-made information on the Internet or in books, and then pass it off as your own.

But there is only one significant problem in this approach: in each university, teachers check the submitted papers for uniqueness in a special program "Antiplagiarism". With the help of this software, the teacher will see whether the student wrote the work on his own or heroically copied it from the Internet or any text source. And yet, if you are afraid that your work is poorly written, you can ask the professionals for help https://essayassistant.org/coursework-help.

What is Antiplagiat?
This is such a special program that checks the text for originality, and also shows pieces of text that were borrowed with the indication of the source.

If you are lucky and your university is not the most advanced, then perhaps the Antiplagiarism databases have not been updated for a long time, which may increase your chance, so to speak, to "slip through". But only 90% of universities use an extended version of the program with Internet access and a constantly updated database of works.

And from here a logical question arises: “How do all students write their works, having a uniqueness of 70% +? After all, their work often consists of borrowings, quotes and a simple principle of copy-paste. "

Let's honestly say that the best way to pass Antiplagiat is to write a work yourself or find a rare topic on which all works are only in foreign languages, and then translated into English The latter, by the way, is my way. But if you wanted to write a work with your own hands, you obviously would not have made it to our site. We at essay assistant https://essayassistant.org are well aware that writing a thesis or term paper on your own is a difficult and painstaking process that takes a lot of time, effort and nerves.

Now for some important information!
We do not recommend or advise students to use any anti-plagiarism cheating methods and artificially increase originality. Our goal is to tell you how others do it and nothing more.

Relevance and uniqueness of the work: is it possible to cheat "Antiplagiat"?

The first thing to advise students is not to pick up a simple and popular topic when the supervisor is giving them away. The simpler and more famous the topic, the more is said and written about it. It will be quite difficult to squeeze the uniqueness of at least 70% out of quotes, terms and formulas. Your own point of view, opinion and conclusion will not be enough.

A good option would be to choose something modern and relevant, which has not yet been discussed by all and sundry. But in this case, it is not clear where to get information for scientific work, so that it fits in all parameters. With this, a supervisor can help you, who in 99% of cases is glad when a student tries to do something new, and not fake it by choosing a hackneyed topic.

On the other hand, it is easier to dig into a "hackneyed topic", there is a lot of information about it and it is always easy to find it. It's just quite difficult to raise the uniqueness of such work to the required level. You can also plagiarize percentage in your work using your old work, for example, laboratory. By doing the work all year round, you collect valuable material that can be used in the future. If you are not doing this for a variety of reasons, then you can always ask for help from professionals, for example, on working with exel https://essayassistant.org/excel-homework-help/.

It is interesting!
Some students are unlucky and come across overly demanding teachers. If, when writing a term paper and thesis, the standard requirement for uniqueness is 70-80%, then a demanding leader can, based purely on his own motives, request all 90% or even 95%. What for? Nobody knows! Keep this in mind when choosing a supervisor.

And yet, is it possible to cheat the Antiplagiat system? Are there viable circumvention methods in 2021? Having studied several thousand works, we boldly declare that yes, you can cheat, and there are quite a few methods!



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