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Let’s tweet up: Twitter dating sites

So, you’re on Twitter. You’re single. Maybe you begin to notice a pattern in your tweets. And maybe that pattern includes lots of updates like “Had dinner with the cat. We stared at one another until she got bored and left.” You don’t want to sign up for an online dating site (soooo much work), but you think you might check out one of those Twitter dating services. Good news: we’ve already done it for you. Read these tweet-sized reviews and see if twitter dating is for you…


They say: “TweetLove carefully analyzes tweets across the whole twitterverse to identify single guys and gals out there and post their tweets here for you.”

How it works: TweetLove allows you to search by zipcode for local tweets that mention singledom (they return results using keywords like “boyfriend”, “single” and “lonely”). When you see a tweet that interests you, you can reply, forward it to a friend, or direct message (DM) the tweeter.

The verdict: Like all Twitter-based services, TweetLove has a limited set of data with which it can match you, so your pool of information is kind of limited to ‘They’re single!’. On the bright side, TweetLove — unlike some other services — does a good job of displaying tweets from actual single people. The browsing interface is easy to use, and if you’re in a cheeky mood, asking out one of the cute singletons in your city who complains about datelessness might just net you twerrific results.


They say: “Are you looking for friendship, romance, and/or love? @ or DM me a message to be added to the site! It is FREE! ♥ Find Your Twitter Tweetheart here! ♥”

How it works: You follow @MyTweetheart on Twitter and then send them a DM letting them know which category you’d like your profile listed in (Men Seeking Women, Women Seeking Women, etc.). They add you to their searchable database of single Twitter users.

The verdict: Twitter users have notoriously short attention spans, so I wasn’t enthused about the user-initated three-step process, but I followed it through. Unfortunately, the end of the rainbow didn’t yield a pot of gold. The website is eye-achingly early nineties, and the search results are peppered with cam-girls and people who aren’t really single but happened to mention the word “single” in one of their tweets. (My second match was a guy whose tweet explained that he’d gotten drunk and done the naked penis-tucking Silence of the Lambs dance for his wife, and he thought he might be single now.) My overall impression falls somewhere in the vicinity of “Yikes.”


They say: “Find and meet cute, interesting people on Twitter!”

How it works: You can search Flirt140 by gender, location and keyword. When you sign up, you tag your own profile with searchable keywords. When you find someone you like, you can tag them with keywords you think are suitable for them (the most commonly tagged keyword is “cute”). You can also wink at them or send them private mail.

The verdict: The key novelty of this service is keyword tagging. I successfully found people I know and people I’d like to know by doing a local keyword search for my interests. It’s nice to have a bit more information than ‘they’re single!’ before following someone … and if you both love, say, female-fronted cello rock, you can be confident before contacting any potentials that you’re going to have lots to tweet about.


They say: “Based on your answers to our profile questions, an algorithm will produce those who most closely match the qualities you seek in someone.”

How it works: 140Love matches users based on keywords, but also on real-life commonalities. Each dater answers questions about political views, personal history, and lifestyle/partner preferences. Your best matches according to the 140Love algorithm are e-mailed to you daily.


The verdict: 140Love is the closest answer to a proper matching site in the Twitterverse, and it’s definitely the site most likely to find you someone with whom you’ll click. A few caveats: the length of the sign-up process may not appeal to people who love Twitter for the nownownow!ness of it, and the program’s matching system involves lots of mutual auto-following and subsequent unfollowing (140Love makes you auto-follow the people they match you with, and you have to manually un-follow those who don’t flip your switch). All in all, however, it creates a fairly thorough lifestyle/values profile of the people you’re matched with, and this information is invaluable in deciding whether or not crafting a clever response to a cutie’s tweets is worth your brain sweat.

The bottom line on Twitter dating


If online dating is like meeting people in a singles bar, twitter dating is like walking down the sidewalk and scanning hotties’ hands for wedding bands. Which is to say: it’s an indirect, flyby sort of approach that won’t get you from point A to B in a hurry. But if you’re interested in meeting other singles and your expectation ends there, the Twitterverse is a great place to strike up casual conversation with like-minds. And really, when it comes right down to it … how long can 140 characters take to write?

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