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Switch from smoking to vaping

Did you know that millions of tobacco smokers could increase their life span and also lead a healthier life by switching to electronic cigarettes? But the biggest question is how much longer? As per a new study done by Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, around 6.8 million smokers who ditch smoking conventional cigarettes could live 86 million more years than those who don’t quit smoking. This initial research was published in the Tobacco Control, a journal and it was the first ever research to speak on possible health outcomes relying entirely on hypothetical situations where cigarette use was replaced by electronic cigarettes over a span of 10 years.

While there are multiple online stores like https://healthlinerx.org/ from where you can grab the best vape mods or e-cigs or vaporizers which can let you continue vaping, yet it is better to know the facts on how electronic cigarettes can help enhance your life span.

The 2 separate models of research – The optimistic and the pessimistic

The authors of the study based their estimations on 2 different models, optimistic and pessimistic.

In the former model, researchers utilize data from the current e-cig usage patterns and their ability to let smokers quit smoking. In this optimistic model, the researchers discovered the noble tendency of electronic cigarettes to save people’s lives if they could successfully switch from smoking to vaping. As the electronic counterparts don’t burn anything and there is no smoke, the harm caused is much less than the tobacco cigarettes.

In the pessimistic model, a worst case scenario was taken into account where it was considered that electronic cigarettes are too harmful and that it would never work as a smoking cessation tool. Nevertheless, even in the pessimistic model too, the researchers came across few beneficial results. In this model, it was found out that more than 1.7 million premature deaths could be avoided and 20 million lesser life years could be lost.

Disputed benefits of e-cigarettes

While the capability of electronic cigarettes to save lives has been a promising outcome of this study, this will never be the last word in an ongoing debate regarding the harms or benefits of these devices. The American Lung Association didn’t wish to comment on this research and they’ve also mentioned that they wouldn’t like to believe that e-cigs are safer than conventional cigarettes. At the end of the day, they’re still nicotine products.

So, even though you may take into account the best studies on e-cigarettes, you’ll always come across opinions that are mixed with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, due to the fact that e-cigarettes don’t burn anything and are smokeless, they cause much less harm to your health as compared to tobacco cigarettes.


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