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Top 10 Dating Mistakes Men Make

It’s so frustrating to see so many men constantly striking out over the same mistakes. It’s important to make an amazing impression on the lady you like, and that includes controlling your impulses. If you know you’re likely to be jealous or take control of the situation, look out for it and try to prevent it. And make sure to avoid these dating mistakes once and for all!

Dating mistakes men make #10

Revealing too much too soon… or not enough

One common dating mistake men make is opening up too fast, or doing the opposite and not revealing anything about themselves. Find a happy medium. You don’t need to go into detail about the meningitis bout you had when you were 15 that had you puking green. At the same time, we do want to hear some stories about you and your past, so don’t keep it all in!

Dating mistakes men make #9

Being arrogant

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Find it and don’t cross it. This date is about getting to know her and seeing if she’s a match for you. No need to brag about your achievements, your job or how much the ladies love you. She’ll figure it out in due time. And please don’t talk about your looks. There’s no bigger turn-off than a guy who thinks he’s the hottest thing out there.

Dating mistakes men make #8

Being abnormally jealous

Asking her about her exes or checking her cell phone to see who called are huge no-nos. Relationships are built on trust, so starting off jealous is not going to get you very far. If you really are the jealous type and have trouble controlling it, warn her and tell her you’re trying to work on it – while recognizing your boundaries.

Dating mistakes men make #7


When your eyebrows are more perfectly shaped than ours, we begin to question your sexuality. We all know men like to take care of themselves, but it doesn’t have to go much further than a shower and a shave. If you spend an hour gelling your hair to make it stand perfectly so, chances are you’re wearing too much gel and caring way too much about what’s in the mirror.

Dating mistakes men make #6

Being a control freak

Taking charge is one thing, but taking control is quite another. Let her choose the restaurant or the movie – it lets her know you care about what she wants. Relationships go two ways, and this isn’t 1910 – women have obtained the right to vote. If you don’t see her as being on equal ground, you need to dig a hole for yourself and crawl into it.

Dating mistakes men make #5

Acting needy

Men tend to grovel, especially around a pretty lady. It’s fine to hang out with her at the bar, but don’t follow her around; talk to other people and throw the occasional glance her way. And buying her a couple of drinks is okay, but paying her bill is a little much. Be nice, but not too nice – you don’t want her to feel like she can walk all over you.

Dating mistakes men make #4

Not listening

A huge mistake men make is not listening enough. It’s one thing to tell her about yourself; it’s a really bad sign if she knows your high school history by the end of date one. Ask a lot of questions. Remember: You’re there to learn about her, not for a job interview.

Dating mistakes men make #3

Assuming she wants you

There is nothing worse than a guy who thinks all the ladies love him. You may think you’re the slickest, most charming guy around, but she may see right through you and just think you’re cheesy and arrogant. Be interested in her as a person, not just as another girl to conquer.

Dating mistakes men make #2

Putting too much pressure on yourself

A big mistake is putting all your eggs in one basket. If you put so much pressure on that one date with that one special girl, you’ll be so nervous you won’t come off as yourself. The best way to avoid this is by dating around. Rather than talking to one special lady, talk to a few women. Go on a few dates. You’ll be much more confident after a couple of dates, especially knowing that you’ve got another one lined up. If you start to like a girl, then devote your time to her and only her.

Dating mistakes men make #1

Not getting how attraction works

The worst mistake men can make is not understanding what attracts women. While men are attracted to beautiful things (i.e. cars, women, etc.) and are very visual, ladies tend to look past the superficial from the start. A clever line will go much further with most women than a gorgeous guy with no substance. Show her your personality, and be real with her; you have no idea how much nonsense we can see through.

Dating mistakes men shouldn’t make

Women’s needs are simple. All we want is a nice, honest man with a strong will and some ambition. As long as you fit that criteria and try your hardest to avoid the mistakes above, you’ll coast your way through date 1, date 2 and even date 10.













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