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The Rules Are Meant To Be Bent!


Dating isn’t an exact science. There’s plenty leeway and flexibility that occurs, mainly because we’re all human, and not robots. If we were robots, our mate would be born at the exact date and time. At the most optimal time of procreation the two would perform the optimal act of copulation granting the highest success rate for replication. Yes, I’ve thought about this a lot.

The rules, such as who should approach first, or when you should go on a second date, or how long the first several dates should last are meant to be bent! The rules we’re given are guidelines; helpful indicators that help make the process comfortable.

When should you bend the rules? When you really enjoying your date. Not when you think she’s just attractive, but when you know they aren’t wasting your time and you’re not wasting their. When I first met XPG, I really enjoyed my time with her, but it lasted a bit longer than the rules indicated. PR Model I really liked, and did my best to bend the rules for her. I obviously liked PR Model more than XPG, and was willing to make the sacrifices because I was more attracted to her.

If you find yourself bending the rules often, then you have a problem. You have to consider if you’re really attracted to the people you’re dating, or deluding yourself. When I think about Ex-Party Girl, I wonder if I was leading her on by sticking to the dating “rules” or really venturing to see if it was worthwhile. Everyone is allowed to fall head over heels with a person on the first date, but the rules are in place to be civil.

If you’re enjoying the time with your date, and they are enjoying time with you, certainly bend, break, and destroy the rules.


















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