A How-to Guide for Contributing to the Site

The creators of this site hope to further the historical record of the University of Mary Washington. To do so, we need the help of visiting alumni and students in both collecting information about images already held by the university and in gathering a diverse array of new contributions. In this section we hope to explain how viewers can help expand the record by adding to the site their own memories of Mary Washington. Please consider contributing to the project, enjoy the images, and don't forget to sign-in with our guest book. Also, we anticipate new photos being added to the site in the future, so we hope you will return to see the new additions.


The Contribute feature (the last link in the right-hand column above) allows visitors to interact with the site, helping us identify images. If you wish to contribute a story, whether you know people in an image, and/or other facts about a specific existing image(s) from the UMW Archive, please include two things in the title of your Contribute form: 1) the image identifier, found under the same subheading: i.e. umw: 376. And 2) the decade in which this image is found: this information can be found under the subheading "Collection."
Take both of these pieces of identifying information, and combine them as the title of your Contribute form. This will help ensure that your data can be matched with the appropriate photo.
Example of a Contribute Form title heading: umw: 736 (found under the subheading, Image Identifier) 1930s (found under the subheading, Collection)

If you would like to contribute an image or story of your own to the site, you may use the same Contribute form , but give your submission your own appropriate title. For individual contributions, we'd appreciate as much applicable accompanying information as you can provide, including dates, places, and names, and please also include any necessary copyright information such as the creator of an image. Feel free to get creative and submit any materials that have significance to you as an alumnus/alumna or student of Mary Washington.

Please follow these instructions for contributing

Example Contribution Form for Identifying Images from the UMW Archive:

  1. Title of Contribution: Identifier (umw: #) Collection (decade)
  2. Type of Contribution: Story
  3. Your Story: Share what you know! We're looking for dates, names, places, any information that will help flesh out the story behind this particolar photograph
  4. May We Post it To Our Site: We encourage public submissions, but if you woold rather not have the information posted to this site select the "only researchers option" and we will pass on your contribution to the UMW Archive without publishing it
  5. First Name
  6. Last Name
  7. Email Address: Please include in case we have any questions about your contribution
  8. Did you Create This: If you are providing strictly data like names or dates, then please select "No." If your contribution is more narrative in nature, then please select "Yes".
  9. If Not Please Provide the Name of the Creator: If a photographer is listed for the image, please include that here.
  10. Keywords: Leave Blank
  11. Gender: Leave Blank
  12. Race: Leave Blank
  13. Occupation: Leave Blank
  14. Birth Year: Leave Blank
  15. Zipcode: Leave Blank

Example Contribute Form for Contributing a Unique Submission:

  1. Title of Contribution: A brief description of your submission
  2. Type of Contribution: Select the option that best describes your submission
  3. File: If your submission is an image, a video, or audio please upload the file here
  4. Description/Your Story: For a story submission, include your memory here along with any names or dates that are relevant. For an image, video, or audio file please include a description of the item as well as names, dates, locations or any other identifying information available to you.
  5. May We Post it To Our Site: For unique submissions we would very much like to publish them to our site, but if you woold prefer they be kept for the UMW Archive alone, select the appropriate option
  6. First Name
  7. Last Name
  8. Email Address: Please include in case we have any questions about your contribution
  9. Did You Create This: Select the appropriate answer
  10. If Not, Name of Contributor: If someone else created what you are submitting, please include her or his name here
  11. Keywords: Leave Blank
  12. Gender: Leave Blank
  13. Race: Leave Blank
  14. Occupation: Leave Blank
  15. Birth Year: Leave Blank
  16. Zipcode: Leave Blank

If you have any further questions or concerns about the site itself or how to contribute please contact the images group marywashingtonimages@gmail.com