Mission Statement and Research Citations

The primary goal of the Mary Washington Images group from Dr. McClurken's Digital History class, was to develop an easy and efficient way to collect information about 200 photos of University of Mary Washington/Mary Washington College throughout the years, soliciting the help of alumni for identification purposes. This is meant to help the existing UMW Archive to update their records and to present a more complete representation of the school's history. The group has done this by organizing the photos they have chosen in an Omeka-based website and encouraging alumni to visit and contribute information in whatever way they can. One of their secondary goals, however, was to provide a place where alumni can view the images of UMW/MWC in a manner that is more easily accessible than the current archive in place. The site provides the link to the current archive so that interested viewers can access it, but the group hopes that their site will be the destination for alumni to visit. As the information from alumni comes in, the group has a process in place to share it with the archives and archivist Carolyn Parsons, to help the library further their own records. Another secondary goal in the development of this site is to build it in such a way that it can encourage future groups to follow the lead and continue to update the site, communicating with alumni and identifying more unknown pictures. Finally, the images group believes that we have accomplished all of this in a professional manner that works with the nostalgia and enthusiasm of the alumni rather than causing any frustration on their part due to an overwhelming amount of unnecessary correspondence from the group.


The Images Group:

Caryn Levine, Class of 2010
Mary Ann Mackey, Class of 2011
Megan Whiteaker, Class of 2010
Jonathan Wigginton, Class of 2010

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You can access the Centennial Image Collection Archives at Mary Washington through this link: Centennial Image Collection

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