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President Combs and his wife stand outside speaking to a young couple. All are dressed in formal attire.

Professor of Art Emil R. Schnellock and students work on murals on the walls of Monroe Hall. A caption next to the photo in the 1943 yearbook reads "They translate their talent, by way of paint brush deftly handled, into history of Old Virginia on…

Several members of the Modern Dance Club hold a costumed recital.

Drum Major Barbara "Bobby" Brittain poses outside of Monroe Hall

Two members of the Fencing Club face off in skirts and saddle oxfords. The club met twice a week during the 1939-1940 school year and was a popular sport on campus.

Four class presidents stand in front of the Sunken Road gate located near the front of Chandler Hall: Lois Saunier, senior class; Barbara Haislip, junior class; Carolyn Myers, sophomore class; Sara Katherine Jordan, freshman class.

Two students stand on the sidewalk carrying their luggage, including a hat box, on move-in day.

Several students gather together on the floor around a fireplace. Battlefield caption "The picture of contentment! That fire feels wonderful after an evening of sledding."

A female student walks down the staircase in Ball Hall, to meet her escort on a Sunday morning.

Portrait photograph of Dr. Charlotte Klein. Underneath the photo is written "Dr. Charlotte Klein, Organ and Piano"