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Students wearing shorts in snow

Christy Copper carries her 92-21 career singles record into her senior year.

MWC mascot holding MWC flag, with student friends at baseball field dedication.

Student tries out the resources of the language lab.

Students sitting on the fountain. Photo originally owned by Dr. William B. Crawley.

Students sitting in front of Trinkle Hall

Madison residents Steve Shipe and Doug Foley wear their resident hall's t-shirts and advertise their dorm's most profitable "name" t-shirts, one for "Washington Monroe College" and the other to keep the name "Mary Washington College."

Campus road into campus walk, with students walking.

A Banner with a picture of a goat reads "Welcome Goats". The years 1940, 1950, 1960, 1970, and 1980 are listed beneath.

Students dressed up as the Campus Police for Halloween in 1983.