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Borrowing the title from the comedic film, a group of female students hold up a banner reading "There Is Something About Mary, Mary Washington University" at the Save the Name Rally in Spring 2004 to protest the proposed idea of eliminating "Mary…

Dave Beekman (left) and Miguel Laygo (right) stands holding a sign "Hell No Wash-Monroe" amidst the crowd of students (Dana Miles, wearing blue) who attended the Save the Name Rally in Spring 2004 in an attempt to convince the school to keep "Mary…

BellACappella on the front steps of Trinkle Hall with sign "Hold Your Name On High Mary Washington" at the Save the Name Rally held to convince administration to keep "Mary Washington" in the school name.
High: Emily…

Action shot of a game during the 2002-03 women's lacrosse season -- the middle of the photo shows Melissa Block running towards the camera with a ball in her stick as teammates follow

COAR volunteers help out during Make a Difference Day in the Great Hall

A COAR volunteer helps out with Make a Difference Day held in the Great Hall