Mary Washington Glossary

Buildings on Campus



Formerly known as

Monroe Hall


Originally named Russell Hall *

Marye House


Ridge Crest

Lee Hall


Anne Carter Lee (ACL)

Ball Hall


Mary Ball Hall

Custis Hall


Mary Custis Hall



George Washington Hall

Cornell Hall


An apartment complex at the corner of Cornell Street and Kenmore Avenue that the school used between 1940 and 1959. Please note that there is also a Cornell House at the corner of Sunken Road and Cornell

Trinkle Hall


E. Lee Trinkle Library

Kalnen Inn (part of the Jepson Alumni Center)


Trench Hill

Campus Walk


Campus Drive

The Fountain


The area became Palmieri Plaza in 1998

Woodard Campus Center


Campus Center

Alvey Hall


North Hall

Arrington Hall


New Hall

UMW Stafford Campus
The College of Education and the College of Business


James Monroe Center for Graduate and Professional Studies
College of Graduate and Professional Studies (CGPS)

Apartments at UMW


Marye's Heights Apartments

South Hall


New Hall

The University of Mary Washington was also known



Formerly known as

University of Mary Washington


Mary Washington College
Mary Washington College of the University of Virginia
State Teacher's College at Fredericksburg
State Normal School for Women at Fredericksburg
State Normal and Industrial School for Women at Fredericksburg




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