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James Monroe's Letters to Timothy Pickering

About the Letter

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In this December 22, 1795 letter, Monroe discusses the complaint made by France’s minister of foreign affairs regarding Mr. John Parish, the American consul in Hamburg. Mr. Parish allegedly gave French passports to British subjects and then proceeded to protect them during their emigration. Monroe reports that if this were to be true, Mr. Parish had committed an act which was a breech of America’s neutrality. Monroe then recommends the individuals that he sees fit for the consul positions in French ports, specifically Benjamin Jarvis and Thomas Randall. Monroe reports on France’s successful military actions against Austrian, Prussian, and Italian forces, but also expresses little hope for an upcoming peace between these European powers in the near future. Lastly, Monroe informs Pickering that Count Carletti and his Envoy have indeed acquiesced to the French government’s demands and have promptly left Paris without any conflict.