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Safe Essential Oils for Dogs


Do you have an ESA letter for your pet? Essential oils are great to keep your house smelling sweet and easing your nerves. Luckily, these oils have a soothing effect on your dog also. All the dog owners know that sometimes their dog behaves anxious and restless. To ease this, using essential oils is a great way.



However, unlike us, dogs cannot stand the smell of all the essential oils. They are allergic to some of them and exposing them to those oils have potential risks. So, which ones are safe then? Where, esa letter for housing is must to keep the pets at home

Given below are some of the essential oils that are safe for Coco and have a soothing effect on him and his canine friends.

a. Sweet Orange:

Sweet orange has a lively and cheery type of aroma that is known to uplift even the most gloomy of the spirits. Interestingly, Coco feels the same way as you. Sweet orange is great to ease your dog’s stress and make it feel happy.

b. Green Mandarin:

The fragrance has a soothing effect on dongs and works great to relieve minor stress.

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c. Valerian:

This oil is especially helpful for the dogs that are suffering from separation anxiety. It helps soothe their senses and has an overall calming effect.

d. Rose Oil:

Traditionally used to treat skin irritation, its sweet smell also has a calming effect on your dog’s senses and it helps brighten its mood also. Get ready for some cuddles!

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e. Vetiver:

Is your dog overly anxious? Use Vetiver essential oil to ground it and ease its anxiety. Great tp calm your dog.

f. Clary Sage:

The oil has a gentle sedative effect that helps anxious dogs and helps them have a peaceful sleep.

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g. Myrrh:

Other than rose oil, myrrh is also used to soothe and treat irritated skin but also has notable benefits to calm an anxious canine.


Though all of these essential oils are great for your pup, you still need to be careful about the amount of oil that you use. Keeping your emotional support dog at peace and calm is your responsibility as this type of behavior is harmful to Coco also.

Other than this, acquiring a genuine ESA letter is also your responsibility. Make sure that you go through a free emotional support animal letter online before purchasing one for yourself.


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