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Happy birthday images with name

Happy birthday images with name. Indeed, now, with the moon growing, they had grown again a considerable amount, the buds grew thicker, the stalks stronger, Monsieur Labry thought with his pointed chin and the protruding forehead, and smiled. It was getting dark quickly. The marbled moon grinned maliciously from the blue-black firmament, developing its spiritual power, which affected the roses until the early morning. Then it was time to unload the sails and pull them back over the greenhouse.

Happy birthday images with name. A few nights before Vollmond the radiation developed its full intensity, the bulging buds of the roses seemed to burst. On a clear night, where countless stars sparkled like blackened moons in the black sky, they went up. The delicate leaves unfolded, showing their velvety surfaces with artistic, almost fluorescent drawings in entirely new, unusual colors. The effervescent scent was heavy, beguiled, and struck everything into its spell. Monsieur Labry looked up at the luminous, naked sphere of the moon.

Happy birthday images with name. Isolated clouds swept over them like a thin silk veil. Now he took his knife, and, with some delicacy, cut off the roses above the earth, a handbread only. On each cut, which he performed swiftly and skillfully, he distorted his face as if in pain; it was as if he were leading the sharp blade against himself. He gently put the uprooted stalks with the heavy heads into the elongated cart. At the intersections a sticky drop was formed, which, like a milky tear, ran down on the thornless stalk, formed a tough bloodstroke on the earth, and immediately faded.

Happy birthday images with name. Already before sunrise, Monsieur Labry was standing on the market square like every day, setting up his stand. In addition to self-collected healing salves, he also seldom sold rare medicinal herbs and small carved root stumps, which represented strange figures. On the simple wooden table was also the tub with its magnificent roses. Again the heavy smell drew around the stand, happy birthday pics lured the first customers, whose curious eyes were sticking to the flowers. After a short time all the roses were sold. Monsieur Labry rubbed his wrinkled hands, was visibly satisfied, and stroked the white hair, which was much too long.


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