About Us

Hello! We are a group of four undergraduate students at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA during the Spring 2010 semester. We have crafted this site as our Senior Seminar Digital History semester group project

As you can see in our About the Site section, this site features the letters written by James Monroe to the Secretary of State from August 1794 to August 1796. This site is geared towards undergraduate university students looking for primary sources on James Monroe, and anyone else searching for materials relating to James Monroe's time as Minister to France. Our goal is to provide you with these letters as an archival digital resource, and to provide supplemental information to enhance your understanding of these letters. We hope that you find our site informative and helpful.

Who are we?

Alexandra deGraffenreid

A Senior at the University of Mary Washington majoring in History and International Affairs. With her love of travel, after graduation she plans to live in Quito, Ecuador for a year teaching English. After that, she plans to work a while before going to graduate school.

Seth Mintzer

A Senior at the University of Mary Washington, Seth has a long-standing interest in history. He enjoys archival work and hopes to continue expanding this website in the future. For recreation, Seth enjoys playing golf and taking long walks on the beach.

MacKenzie Murphy

A Senior at UMW majoring in History. Originally from Williamsburg, her work in a historic area has fostered her love of history and will be something she is always passionate about. After graduation she plans to spend some time working before applying for law programs.

Chris Wright

The fourth child out of a family of six, he graduated from Potomac High School in Dumpfries, Virginia in 1993. He then spent 11 years in the army serving on multiple deployments all around the world before becoming a history student at the University of Mary Washington.